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DebiCheck TT3

Our Tap-on-Phone technology has been developed for Android devices and has been certified by Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

DebiCheck TT3 Mandate is one of the PAYMENT METHODS that customers can choose from to make a payment. Customers simply open the App, click on the Pay now button and choose how they would like to pay. It is simple, safe and seamless.

Rapid Pay GO SoftPOS App

The DebiCheck process

1. Open the App and click Pay Now
4. Enter Mandate Information
7. Tap Card for Payment
2. Tap on DebiCheck TT3 option
5. Enter Collection Information
8. Mac Outcome Successful
3. Get Message Authentication Code
6. Confirm details
9. DebiCheck Mandate initiated

The DebiCheck Communication Process

Below is the 10-Step DebiCheck TT3 Communication process explained. See how the seamless front-end process is managed effortlessly in the background.

Rapid Pay GO SoftPOS

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App Options

The technology is available as a pre-certified Rapid Pay GO SoftPOS app for Merchants, or as an intent integration to your existing app to accept payments from your customers or as an SDK for payment solution providers to integrate into their own Apps.


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